Fun, Excitement, Sinister and Awesome..

A group of young lads finished their sculpture as a project for art..they did it joyfully, the star was painted like golden and the tree was plain legit.. some materials were missing though, so three of them head to the hardware to fetch those errands; on their way home, they were chased by a creepy old woman who can run, run like shes in a pretty perfect condition.. so the chase began, the three hipsters run as fast as they could until no presence of the old woman was seen or even felt.. they returned to the project sculpture and gladly accomplished it way ahead of time.. so they then head off to a, well lets call it a park, and spent the rest of the day laughing, playing and enjoying themselves..

Ahh.. high school life, if you have friends like those, who wouldn’t miss it?
no gurls, just boys, no sossiness, just fun..

Disappointment is met,
Betrayal is felt,
And that’s when I realized that true friends are hard to get.

You might not know it
And you might feel like a piece of sh!t,
But you can also find true friends from the people around you.

You just have to reach far enough
to reward yourself good enough..
I know I said it before
but True friends are hard to find..


Started With a Boom, But Ended With a Crash.. ..A Cool Crash..

It all began with a gurl that invited a few friends to come over at her house, don’t know why, but, she did; actually for her, this kind of thing is.. well, lets just say not that usual.. So then they all head to their house after class. They got up to the top of the building, played some table sport, listened to¬† some music, ate and enjoyed themselves.. Suddenly, two of them saw this nimbus kind of cloud, or better known as the rain cloud. The majestic sight struck the two.. Soon as the cloud approaches, it made itself visible to the others; they all liked it, after a few minutes, the rain started to pour, and the teens enjoyed it even more.. As the clock continued to move, it just happened to have a stunning lightning followed by a roaring thunder which caused them to feel terrified; them little rain drops sprinkled to them and the foods, some of their bags got up wet! So, they agreed to come down from the roof top to the room downstairs.. There, they finished them foods and beverages, (which caused a scar on one of them fellas’ lips). Then the time moved so fast that its time to bid farewell, but destiny made it hard, the rain continued to pour harshly, but this ‘aint a valid reason for them teens to go home.. They bid farewell and headed home..

I had a blast with those guys! Plus facing challenges with my friends is one of my favorite part in life.. (:

Forever Sketched in my Heart..

Today, one of my friend had ‘er sixteenth birthday and days like these I really thank God for letting these people become not part of my life but MY LIFE.. My friends; they are the ones that help me to stand out even through tough times, they are the source of my strength.. I never chose them to be my friend, I’m a shy type of person but all of that is different when I’m with them.. I feel Comfortable, I feel Happy, I feel Home..

I consider myself Lucky to be one of their friends.. They’ve been there for me throughout these years and nothing can change our unbreakable bond, not even time..

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